Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Bill Guerin

As all of you surely already know, Bill Guerin has agreed to a "tryout" contract with the Flyers. Though nothing is official yet, it is not the first time that Guerin will be skating with the team and he has commented that the Flyers would be a good fit for him...(blah blah the usual generic stuff) As you also may know, this has caused much unrest among Pens faithful even though we ALL knew there was no chance of Guerin coming back to the Pens next year. I'm sure nobody wanted it to end this way, as Billy G was a great locker room presence and still effective on the ice. But the money just wasn't there, and sadly hockey is indeed a business and sometimes things don't always turn out the way the fans believe it should. So...
Do I think any less of Guerin as a person?
Of course not. Guerin is a great guy and changing teams doesn't change that.
Am I going to hate the Flyers any less?
Of course not.
If Arron Asham and Guerin drop the gloves next season, who would I root for?
Asham of course.
If Guerin wins the cup with Philly, will I congratulate him?
Hell no.

It all boils down to the greatest cardinal rule of being a fan of a team:
Cheer for your jersey
before you even bother to read the back.
Hockey is getting quite close now. Pens first preseason game at CEC is in one week from tomorrow.


TK said...

Indeed, As soon as he started working out with the PHags, he turned to a douche.

If he actually signs there all bets are off and he will have the same hate projected on him that anyone wearing that stupid "P" on their chest would have.

Keep your head up billy... if you make the team.

Rich said...

I have little doubt we win the Cup without Guerin but his service was admirable here and I don't hate the guy any more than your average Flyers.

That said I hope to see his blood spilled on the ice.... nothing personal.

Brad said...

billy who?

Anonymous said...

Chase is the greatest!!!

Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?