Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's A Yankees Day In NEPA

The title of this post just made me throw up a little. The Scrankees lost last night 4-1 to the River Cats. They will just have to settle as International League Champions. That was the goal anyway. The team arrived at PNC Field this afternoon to show off the Governors Cup to a few hundred of their fans. Being a Pirates fan, nothing pissed me off more than the Yankees bringing their AAA team to my hometown and changing the name of the stadium to PNC Field. Northeast Pennsylvania was always Yankees Country but now it's multiplied 10X. YUK!

The Pirates were outplayed in every way possible last night, losing to the Dodgers 6-2. Tonight it's Chad Billingsley, (15-10, 3.02) for LA and Zach Duke (5-14, 4.84) for Pittsburgh. Tonight doesn't look much better. The game is on FSN.

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