Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Recap

Penn State cruises again, this time crushing the Orange 55-13. Daryll Clark and Pat Devlin both played great, as did tailback Evan Royster, who is quickly looking like one of the best backs in the country. Next week may be PSU's biggest test so far as Temple comes to town. Yes, Temple. Don't laugh. The Owls are better than the three teams the Lions beat up on so far.

The Pirates are on the verge of sweeping the Cardinals. After being swept by playoff contenders Milwaukee (twice), and the Cubs, the Bucs are giving La Russa and the Cards the finger. Sweet!
As I'm typing this, the Bucs lead 7-2 in the top of the 8th. There, I just jinxed them. I was listening to the game for a while and those bozos' Greg Brown and Steve Blass actually think Nate McLouth has a chance at the NL MVP. Yes, he is having a great year, but NL MVP? These two are a joke.

Pearl Jam wins the 1st ever This Is Getting Old poll question. Who else is reading this because I only voted once?

The Scrankees won the International League title, beating the Durham Bulls 3 games to 1. Game 4 was a 20-2 blowout that brought the city of Scranton their first professional baseball title since 1951. At least the NY Yankees won't be winning anything this year!!!

***UPDATE*** Pirates win 7-2. "Pirates win! Theeeeeee Pirates win!"

That's all folks... There is a Cookie Puss waiting for me to devourer

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