Sunday, September 7, 2008

History Is Made!!!

What a great weekend for sports. The NFL is underway, the Pirates still suck, Penn State is "smokin" hot, West Virginia is overrated, the Rays are this years Mets, and I see a couple of computer screens right now.

Now I know why FSN didn't televise the Bucs this weekend. It had nothing to do with college or pro football. They, and the Pirates, didn't want anyone to realize that they tied the record for the most losing seasons in a row in ALL of sports. I am SOOOOOO proud to be a Pirates fan! Just when I thought the Pirates were on the right track by signing 3B Pedro Alvarez, things backfired. Then they trade their best player for another 3B, and don't forget their #1 pick a few years ago, Neil Walker. Yes, he was a catcher, but now they converted him to 3B. We are the Detroit Lions of MLB. Maybe next year they could draft another 3rd baseman. By the way, Giants 11- Bucs 6 (does anyone care anymore?)

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Pittsburgh Joe said...

What's white trash doing in the middle of all that garbage?