Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Comcast Sucks!

Picking on Comcast has become a hobby of mine. Comcast REFUSES to add ESPNU to it's sports tier. The reason? Well ESPN wants Comcast to also add ESPN360, you know the site where you can watch live games for free. The problem with Comcast is that they already have a sports site where you can watch games for free. Yeah, shit games. You get to see Delaware, Hofstra, and a bunch of other small D-1 schools. Comcast's sport tier does have the NFL Network which is a must this time of year. It also has the NHL Network, which is the only place to see NHL highlights. Then it's gets weak. They have Fox College Sports which doesn't show much, plus the main game of the day is usually on FSN Pittsburgh. They have the Golf Channel if that's your thing and something called NBA TV. Not sure what that is. It looks like basketball but with a lot of big guys and not that much dribbling. The reason why I'm bringing this up is that the Penn State-Army game is on ESPNU tonight. Now I know Army sucks and Penn State should win this game, but after watching them play Temple, I'm not so sure Penn State is a lock. That game was so boring I'm not even sure why I'm bitching that I can't watch this game. Anyway, this Internet thing is pretty neat so there is always a way to watch anything you want, without Comcast. Check out Justin.Tv. I'm sure it will be on there somewhere. Go Lions!

The Pens play the Devils tonight at 7 in New Jersey. There was a lot of roster moves today some don't be surprised if you don't know who the hell these guys are. We still have 87 and 71. Go Pens!

The Baby Pens are also playing tonight at Norfolk against the Admirals. All WBS Penguins games can be heard online at 102.3 The Mountain. I'm sure there's a lot of new faces there as well. Go Pens!

and finally... Be sure to check out TIGO's year end music review in the next few days. We will start with the top 5 songs of 2008 and finish with the top 5 albums of 2008. See, I'm not that lazy.

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Anonymous said...

Comcast with little warning selectively blocked access to certain websites I frequent. I was down without my personal email for several days and had to resort to my wireless broadband card. I called their customer service and was given the run around. It's time we as consumers make these monopolies accountable for their actions!