Thursday, January 29, 2009

NyQuil Is The Shit!

Here are some links to check out, and if you get a chance, will someone email me some more NyQuil and a big bowl of chicken soup? What, we can't send things through the intertubes yet? WTF!

New Pirates uniforms to be proud of [We Should Be Gm's]

Eric Hinske is now a Pirate. That's it! That's all they needed! [Pirates Home Plate]

Paul Maholm agrees to a 3 year extension with our Buccos. That's it! That's all they needed! [Raise The Jolly Roger!]

Chris Berman Sucks [PSaMP]

Is anyone watching The Australian Open? These guys are. [Pomp Culture]

What would you do for a Klondike bar? [Scott's Tip Of The Day]

Another satisfied Snuggie customer! [On Irish Road]

Purdue basketball is the pride of the Big 10? C'mon man, not even a mention about Penn State? PSU will win the Big 10. [Bracket Busters]

and finally... 32 years ago today, this was the #1 song in the country

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GM-Carson said...

Feel better bro!

Thanks for the link.