Saturday, January 3, 2009

TIGO's Top 5 Albums Of 2008

Here are TIGO's top five albums of 2008.

#5. Kings Of Leon- Only By The Night. KOL seems to be releasing albums on a yearly basis. Good thing. I have always been a HUGE Kings fan and while this album is not as raw sounding as others, it's nonetheless outstanding. This band is ignored by American radio stations and that's a shame. From the opening track Closer, to straight out rock jams like Crawl, KOL proves more than ever they need to be heard. The band has a big female following and with lyrics like "But it's not forever, But it's just tonight, Oh we're still the greatest, The greatest, The greatest" from the bands single Sex On Fire it's easy to see why. A great album from a great AMERICAN band!
Download: Crawl, Sex On Fire, Be Somebody

#4. Stone Rider- Three Legs Of Trouble. Released in January of 2008, Stone Rider started the year off right. While listing to this you would think it was 1976 all over again. Classic rock with some southern rock mixed in, this is the album Axl Rose wished he made. A true bar band, Stone Rider sounds like a mix of Jimi Hendrix and 1990 era Black Crows. Buy this now and crank it up to 11.
Download: Ramble Down, Wild Child, Back From The Dead

#3. My Morning Jacket- Evil Urges. If you are a fan of music and still haven't heard Evil Urges then you my friend are not a fan of music at all. I admit, I always thought My Morning Jacket was a jam band, and man was I wrong. MMJ has a sound like no other band out there, sometimes sounding like Prince (back when Prince was good) other times sounding like Crosby, Stills and Nash, but always sounding like MMJ. This album may take repeat listens, but in the end it is all worth it.
Download: I'm Amazed, Evil Urges, Sec Walkin'

#2. The Hold Steady- Stay Positive. How many bands out there release four albums and go four for four? Add The Hold Steady to that list. With good lyrics and a garage rock sound, The Hold Steady is constantly being compared to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and they should be. If you are in your 30's and still don't know what you want out of life, give Stay Positive a spin. You will soon realize that you are not alone.
Download: Sequestered in Memphis, Constructive Summer, Navy Sheets

#1. The Whigs- Mission Control. The Whigs are a three piece rock band from Athens, Ga. and also have a southern rock style to them. At times The Whigs sound like Neil Young and at times sound like (dare I say it) Nirvana. But that's where the comparisons end. Good 'ole Rock N Roll never sounded so fresh and fun. Overlooked by just about every major music magazine, Mission Control is strong from start to finish. How many albums have you heard this year that you can say that?
Download: Right Hand On My Heart, Like A Vibration, Already Young, heck buy the whole damn thing!

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