Monday, February 23, 2009

5 Soft Drinks I Miss

I love soda. I know I should be drinking more water but soda always wins at the vending machine. Here are 5 soft drinks that I can no longer find. They should all be put back in the convenient store now!

#5 Orangina
Remember this stuff? I haven't seen this in 15 years or so. Just think how good it will taste with a little Grey Goose in it.

#4 MDX
Mountain Dew with MORE caffeine. YES! Then again NO! The idiots at Pepsi stopped selling this around here about 2 years ago. That's like locking a crack head in the closet for 2 years without any crack.

#3 Cherry RC
I still drink RC over Coke or Pepsi but Cherry RC ruled the earth for a while. Their web site says they they still make this, but I haven't seen it in years.

#2 Krank'd
Krank'd body fuel was filled with vitamins, so many that your piss was fluorescent yellow. I actually felt good when I drank this. They have about 8 flavors, all which were good. The downfall of Krank'd was probably the $3 a bottle price tag. It was worth it. Bring it back!

#1 RC Edge
Maximum Power RC! This actually worked unlike most colas that have "extra" caffeine. It tasted like RC, not Jolt. Jolt Cola hurts. What's wrong with the management at Royal Crown? Bring back RC Edge and Cherry RC. No wonder people are surprised to hear that they still make regular RC. Their marketing team sucks.


Joseph said...

The combination of Orangina and Grey Goose may upset the space-time continuum.

Joseph said...

Also, when exactly did Cherry RC "rule the earth"? Was it during the Summer of '97? I was listening to a lot of Chemical Brothers then.

Anonymous said...

Orangina exists. I promise. It will be that much more amazing when you finally do find it.

What, no surge?

Scott said...

Orangina is def still around. It is really popular in europe

Brad said...

Joseph- Yes Cherry RC did rule the earth. Not only were you listening to the Chemical Brothers, you were talking a lot of chemicals too.

Lori and Scott- Really, you guys have seen Orangina? I must follow you two around until I find some.

tecmo said...

Yo there's Orangina for a FACT at the deli at 6th Ave between Chalton and King near my office in Manhattan. if you're interested.