Saturday, February 28, 2009

ATTN: Police, State Troopers, Highway Patrol, et al.

Please start enforcing the STAY RIGHT, PASS LEFT law. Thank You. That is all.

Click On This

Don't let people inhale your second hand smoke for free. [Scott's Tip Of The Day]

Who has the hottest fans in the NL Central? The Pirates chick just doesn't cut it. [More Hardball]

Kanye West thinks everyone should give Chris Brown "a break". Maybe we should give the plastic surgeon who operated on his mother a break also. [Celebuzz]

Penn State MUST win tonight against Indiana. Here's a preview of the game from the enemy's point. [Hoosier Report]

and finally... Let's all wecolme back The Pittsburgh Sports Blog.

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GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the More Hardball link homey!