Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You- A Guy's Perspective

If you haven't been dragged to the movies by the wife or girlfriend to see He's Just Not That Into You yet, then be prepared. It's coming. Here are some tips to get you through it. Wear comfortable pants. Hell, wear sweatpants. It's not like you're going there to pick up chicks anyway and if she let's you out in public with sweatpants on then she's already a keeper. The movie is long. Very long. Like 2 and a half hours long. Try not to look so interested every time Scarlett Johansson comes on although after an hour you will probably be sick of seeing her. Try not to spill your extra large Cherry Coke all over the place. Yeah it's funny but eventually you have to get up. After the movie say "that wasn't so bad" and try to refrain from sounding sarcastic. Although two of my man crushes, Kevin Connolly and Ben Affleck are in it, this movie can't be saved. Maybe if it was an hour shorter. At least we have Scarlett and Jennifer Aniston to look at for hours. Isn't is funny how these crappy chick flicks come out right around Valentine's Day? I think tonight we should rent a porno. Then again, maybe not. She's just not into that.

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