Saturday, March 7, 2009

Album Review- Dan Auerbach- Keep It Hid

Dan Auerbach, one half of the Black Keys, released his first solo album, Keep It Hid.

The Pros- Keep It Hid sounds like the stuff we are used to hearing from Auerbach in his full time job with the Black Keys. Auerbach quickly squashes any thoughts that he can't do it alone. From the opening track Trouble Weighs A Ton to the fantastic I Want Some More, Auerbach makes you want some more when the album ends. 14 tracks strong, Keep It Hid is solid from start to finish. While sounding different from the Keys at times, Auerbach still has that sound that made him famous to begin with. I'm usually not a big fan of band members that put out solo stuff but if this is what we get, I can deal with it. If you are a fan of the Black Keys or just a fan of sleazy, bluesy rock 'n roll, buy this now. A great album to hold us over until the next Keys CD. This will be right at the top of most music critics year end lists and well deserving.

The Cons- I got nothing.

TIGO's Grade A+

Download- I Want Some More, Heartbroken In Disrepair, The Prowl

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