Monday, March 16, 2009

Penn State Fans, Don't Blame The Committee

Of course I wanted to see Penn State in the NCAA's. The fact that Arizona got in over Penn State is a joke. But the real joke in all this is Penn State's out of conference schedule. NJIT, Sacred Heart, New Hampshire are just some games that Penn State had no right playing. And don't forget about that Philly Hoops Classic or whatever it was called. What a joke that was. That "Classic" hurt PSU's RPI rating more than the games in the beginning of the year. The only OOC game that was worthy was Georgia Tech and they only played them because of the annual Big 10-Acc tourney. Ok, and maybe playing Penn was a good idea but c'mon, the rest of their OOC games were a joke. I have no idea why Penn State does this but it happens in football every year. Look at last year when PSU played no one. What if they beat Iowa? Do you really think they would have played in the BCS game with that weak OOC schedule? Probably not. So enough crying. Penn State deserves to be in the NIT. A loss by a major college basketball team would have helped their NCAA resume more than a win over NJIT. In case you still care, the Lions (22-11) play George Mason (22-10) tomorrow at 8. The game is on ESPNU and I don't get that channel because Comcast Sucks!

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