Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Are New Yorkers Better Than The Rest Of Us?

I went grocery shopping the other day a bought a small chocolate milk. When I got home I put it in the fridge. Today I went to drink it. That's probably not a good thing because I think I may be Lacoste intolerant. I think I'm a lot of things. I may even be a hypercondreact. Hell, I may even be dead right now. Anyway, after I finished it and then complained that my stomach hurt, I noticed the expiration date.

Ummm... why does this expire in New York City 3 days earlier then the rest of the world? I mean c'mon, are New Yorkers that more important than the rest of us? They must be. After just visiting their lovely city, I paid $7.00 for a bottle of beer. Not the fancy import beer, but Coors Light. If you are that special to pay 7 bucks a beer, then your milk must expire before the rest of us. So by drinking this on April 7th in Pennsylvania it's still good. And paying $2.50 a beer in Pa is even better.


Toad268 said...

Get this, my wife looked it up!


"Speaking of things that dont last long in new york (newspapers, dollars...) I found out why the Milk in NYC has a more recent expiration date than surrounding areas. Let me give some background for those that dont live in new york. See, on milk containers in the city there's a date of expiration lets say it's April 11, then below that date is another line that says "In NYC April 9." Well shit like that will keep a person up nights, just wondering if there's some sort of NY milk conspiracy.

Turns out that The NYC board of Health is pretty smart. They take into account the potential mishandling of "fluid milk" and have set stricter rules about milk sales. So the deal is that once a grocery store gets the milk, they have 96 hours to sell it (which gives us our shortened expiration date). It seems that the date on the bottle is less of an indicator of when the milk will be bad and more of a guide for how long the milk is saleable by law. Also turns out that milk is usually still good for several days after the expiration date

So it's not that the milk here is any worse than milk anywhere else, it's just that we have higher standards."


New Yorkers said...

Well we know from Joba Chamberlain that New YORKERS are not better than the rest of us...

Anonymous said...

I have never EVER noticed that.