Tuesday, April 14, 2009


PNC Bank has a new policy. Customers can no longer wear hats, caps, sunglasses or hoods inside their banks. This coming from a bank that has it's name on not one, but two professional ballparks where people wear caps. They may have a point. Anyone who wears a ball cap and/or sunglasses is a robber and we all know people who wear hoods are rapists. That's just common sense. Give me a break. Whoever came up with this idea should be taken outside and bitch slapped. Preferably by someone wearing a cap and sunglasses. What's next, hat wearers can no longer go into a CVS? Pharmacy's get robbed so that will make sense. Convenience stores might be next. Take the hat off kid and put your shirt and shoes on. At least make them put their hats on straight. I hate that shit. If that was the new policy then I'd be all for it. The next time you are in a bank and see this man...... he is probably going to kill you! Jokes.

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