Saturday, April 18, 2009

WBRE TV 28 Drops The Puck

WBRE, the NBC affiliate in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, has dropped the puck on this one. Today they aired an Autism Telethon from 7am until 3pm. A great thing to do but at a terrible time. They did not air the first two periods of the New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals game and that angered many fans throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. Here's the kicker. WBRE is owned by Nexstar Broadcasting which also owns WYOU, the CBS affiliate in Scranton. What did WYOU have on during the time the hockey game was being played? 2 hours of paid programming! Nexstar recently dropped news broadcasts on WYOU but before they did that, news anchors and reporters were on BOTH channels. It's not like we would have been all confused if we saw a WBRE guy holding a WYOU microphone. They did it for years. Autism is a very serious disorder and money needs to be raised. I just think a lot more money could have been raised if thousands of hockey fans weren't so pissed off. To donate call the number above or follow this link.

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