Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Faith. Hope.

In just a few hours we will know if our team advances in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It's been a roller coaster season. The firing of Michel Therrien. Disco Dan Bylsma replacing him and taking this team on a tear we will never forget. Geno Malkin winning the Art Ross Trophy. All that is history. Game 7. Pens vs Caps. This has been the best playoff series I have ever watched. It will be even better around 10pm when the Pens advance. Faith. Hope. Yeah, the fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins have that. We also have the better team. Not that the Caps are far behind. Sure they can win the series. But will they? Not this year. Faith. Hope.

Everyone has bad memories of game 7's.

I still have to turn my head every time they show that replay. Fuck you Sid Bream. The fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins are not ready to turn our attention to this thing they call Pirates baseball. Not yet. Not until Lord Stanley is back in the Burgh.

But we also have some good memories. Remember the Patrick Division semifinals in 1992? Pens 3 Caps 1 in game 7. That led to this...

So I'm ready. Bring it on. The Pens won in Washington the last time they played there. They sure as hell can do it again tonight. Faith. Hope. Go Pens!

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