Friday, June 26, 2009

5 Reasons To Go To The Royals/Pirates Series

When the 2009 schedule was released the Pirates had to be worried that the 3 game series against Kansas City was going to be far from a sell-out. That's the problem with interleague games. They don't always play teams that you want to see. Here is a list of reasons to get off the couch and head to PNC Park.

#5. Promotions and Giveaways- This weekend is loaded with them. Tonight all fans get a Homestead Grays Cap plus it's dollar dog night. Cheap date indeed. Saturday the teams will be wearing throwback uniforms and it's fireworks night after the game. Sunday is kids day. All kids 14 and under will get Batting Gloves and Wristbands.

#4. Zack Greinke- Greinke is scheduled to start Sunday. This year he is 9-3 with a 1.90 ERA. This means the Bucs should feast off him.

#3. PNC Park- PNC Park is the best park in baseball. When the day finally comes that the Bucs are contenders, this place will be jammed. Folks, we are not that far away. A few more trades and call-ups and this team will start winning. Trust me. Two years and the Pirates will be where we want them, looking down at everyone else in the NL Central.

#2. Jose Guillen- Fomer Bucco Jose Guillen is KC's right fielder. Back in 1997 the Pirates were surprise contenders and needed a catcher. They traded Guillen and Jeff Sparks to Tampa for Joe Oliver and Humberto Cota. Guillen never panned out to be the superstar player but he still has that cannon of an arm. Maybe you will see something similar to this.

On the fly. I forgot how God-awful those grey caps were.

#1. Andrew McCutchen- The future is now. Cutch is opening eyes all over the baseball world. An early candidate for Rookie Of The Year. McCutchen is worth the price of admission himself. The kid can flat out fly. Cutch, Moss and Jose Tabata will soon be the new outfield of dreams. (I haven't given up on Moss yet)

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Jim Rosati said...

Wow...I forgot that throw ever happened. That's pretty impressive.

Another reason to go is that the Pirates "should" take this series. They are playing a team with a worse record than them. So go watch the Bucs win!

If I were in town, I'd be there. I'm sure Saturday will be a very nice turnout...but I don't know about tonight or Sunday.