Friday, June 5, 2009


Last nights 2nd period was the best period the Pens played all year. They proved the "experts" wrong. Many said the Pens were done, including Mike Wilbon on yesterdays PTI. Wilbon actually said the Pens wouldn't win another game. I have a feeling Wilbon has never watched a hockey game. The Pens are far from done. LETS GO PENS!

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and finally... Comcast has finally figured this out. For years channel 775 was available for free. That channel is one of the many MLB Extra Inning/NHL Center Ice channels. The only time it was blacked out was when one of the local teams were on it. Now we are NOT AUTHORIZED. It was fun while it lasted. Morons. Thanks for all the free games I got to watch. I still hate your guts.


SL said...

I can't believe Wilbon would abandon the Pens like that. It's a different series now...

Thanks for the shout out too.

Dan said...

I can't remember the last time my heart raced like that during a hockey game. That second period was epic and I'll be sweating bullets all the way to game 6!