Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The MLB All-Star Game Sucks!

I remember when I was a kid I loved watching the All-Star game. Now? Well now it just sucks. The players don't look like they are having fun anymore. Its probably because the game means something now. Why on earth would MLB have the winner of an exhibition game get home field advantage in the World Series? It should go to the team with the best record, not an all-star game. I got through about 6 really quick innings last night and then I had enough. When I read the paper this morning I saw that both Sanchez and Duke didn't play. See, that's the problem. Everyone chosen to be a member of the team should play. Like Tee-Ball. The outcome of the game should not mean anything. I'm sure if you ask Sanchez or Duke they would say all the right things. I say we hook them up to a lie detector test and see if they would've rather stayed home for four days rather than sit on the bench the whole game. Way too many players are taken for the All-Star teams anymore. I think there was about 150 pitchers for each team. I did like the opening ceremonies, especially when Sanchez and Duke were announced to the St. Louis crowd. I believe I heard a pin drop. I would have liked to see Barack Obama throw out the first pitch but Fox messed that up. Well, it was Fox. If it was McCain then Fox would've had that ball-flight thing ESPN used for the Home Run Derby. The All-Star game used to make my jaw drop as a kid. Now I'm watching The Office reruns on TBS until I fall asleep. Much more exciting.

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