Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember When We Liked Jason Kendall?

"The Kid" was an All-Star for the Pirates 3 times. He is the Pirates all-time leader in games caught. He has been hit by a pitch more times than anyone in Pittsburgh history. Maybe, hopefully, he gets plunked tonight for being an asshole. Maybe its the shaved head but Kendall was the instigator in last nights bench clearing discussions. By letting Karstens bat yesterday the Bucs had to know something was going to happen. It did, kind of. After reading some of the quotes from last night, its hard to believe this is over. From the Post-Gazette

"I told him to go to first base or go get the pitcher, one or the other and I was fine until Dave Kurwin started yelling at me. I can take a lot, but when Dave Kurwin started yelling at me..."

Kendall was referring to the Pirates pitching coach Joe Kerrigan but, even upon being corrected, continued calling him by the fictitious name.

"Yeah, Dave Kurwin, whatever his name is."

Kendall was asked if he knew why Kerrigan was so upset.

"Dave Kurwin? I have no idea."

Dave Kurwin? That's just too funny.

Delwyn Young-
As Karstens was being interviewed, Young yelled to him from across the clubhouse, "Call him a coward!"

Matt Capps-
"It's cheap. Very cheap. We all know Karstens had no intention of hitting Braun in Milwaukee. The whole thing was blown way out of proportion by one guy, and it's ridiculous. Their whole team is going to let one guy run the morale of their whole team? Hey, that's their prerogative."

So stay tuned. I have a feeling this isn't over. By the looks of things, I was once a huge Kendall fan. Yes, I even have two of him with the A's.

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Jon Anderson said...

Yeah Kendall is a big douche. Milwaukee has corrupted him.