Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My New Favorite Song This Week

If you like Kings Of Leon, check out Red Light Knights. If you think they sound alike, you are correct because the band has another Followill cousin in it. From their myspace bio:
"Papa was a Rolling Stone"....well not quite. This rock quartet is building steam like The Little Engine That Could. Slowly soaking up fans across the county lines to across the country lines, Red Light Knights are the band to watch. Proving that birds of a feather do flock together, these boys are following in the footsteps of their Followill brethren burning a trail across the South to across the Pond. As stated in the band's bio "Red Light Knights is all about rock", well that and cars and women and raising hell. There must a paragraph in the Followill family credo about making music that makes you want to clap your hands and stomp a foot. "...they come about it naturally...", do they ever? Rockin' car stereos and home computers as part of their attack on the internet, "this four-some has already created quite a stir in Europe and have attracted fans worldwide".

"Their music is raw with passion of young angst with a feel of yesteryears rock and roll. This band plays their hearts out at each show and always gain new fans no matter what the venue is. This band is all bout rock and roll and living the rock and roll dream."

Here is this weeks favorite song, Rodeo Clown from a band that is sure to blow up soon, Red Light Knights

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