Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ok, Ok We Give Up!

Tonight Pirates Lineup:
Cedeno, SS
Milledge, LF
Young, 2B
Jones, RF
Pearce, 1B
LaRoche, 3B
Salazar, CF
Jaramillo, C
Ohlendorf, P

Good job, JR. You do realize your team had 1 hit last night, right? Lets say, for arguments sake, that Cutch really is feeling that glove to the face last night. Where's Moss? Where's Doumit? Don't give me that match-up shit. If this is the team moving forward then play the guys that will be a part of that. Doumit should be well rested considering all the time he has missed. Jones can play CF (well, maybe not but its still a better option). Salazar has no right being in the lineup or even still on this team. This should be challenging. Anyway, Go Bucs!

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