Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phuck the Phillies

I hate Philadelphia sports teams. I guess its been that way forever. Growing up in Scranton you were either a Phillies fan or a Yankees fan. I choose the Pirates. I think it had to do with my father winning me a Pirates garbage can at a carnival when I was about 5 years old. I never looked back. Phillies fans are no way near the douchebags that Flyers and Eagles fans are. In Philadelphia, I'm sure they are the same people. But here in Scranton, not so much. I have friends who like the Phils and the Steelers. Go figure. That's just how it is here. Although I hate the Phillies, this so called instate "rivalry" just doesn't mean much anymore. The Pirates suck and since Pittsburgh moved to the NL Central, they only play a home and home series against them. That's too bad. Ask Phillies fans and they would agree. Not because they would get more wins, but if you look around PNC Park tonight, you will see a lot of red. It's a drive across state to see your team in the best ballpark in America. The last time these two teams played, the Phillies looked like World Champions and the Pirates looked like a last place team. Not much has changed. Join us in the liveblog below. Unless you're a Phillies fan. Then go hid your dogs. Football season is just a few weeks away (I know, how orginal). Go Bucs!

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Anonymous said...

The Pens will get theirs this year buddy. Honestly Penguins fans and steeler fans are the biggest douchebags in this state of pennsylvania.FUCK PITTSBURGH.and im not even a phillies fan, im a yankees fan. phillies fans are jus as cocky as other philly sports fans...there is no difference and ya gotta love em.