Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Last Trip To The Igloo

Unless I can somehow get playoff tickets at a reasonable price, this was probably my last trip to the Mellon. I never sat so far away. Our seats sucked but it was probably the most fun I had at any game in years. When the best player on the planet has a hat trick and the Pens win, does it really matter how bad your seats were? No. Here is my trip in pictures.

Because our seats were so far away, we didn't throw these onto the ice.

The next day I had to go shopping with my better half. That's the deal. I drag her to games, she drags me to malls. It's a win-win for both of us. We ended up at the Robinson Mall where I found this, in what has to be the largest Dick's Sporting Goods ever.

I love my bobbleheads. But wait, there's more.

Trust me, this guy will never see the garden.

If any of you have ever driven the 5+ hours across the state, then you would know that you pass out about 150 Giant Eagle supermarkets. I always wanted to stop in to get the Advantage Card. Not because I would ever buy groceries then drive home, but because I wanted to feel like a local, especially at Pirates games. On Sunday's you get like 2 bucks off a Pirates ticket. Ha! I have the card now too, yinzers. Walking around the store I see this:


Now I decide to get a shopping cart and do what I just said I wouldn't, buy stuff.

Penguins bottled water. I'll take two. Two that I will never open. Now it's getting late and starting to snow a little so I wanted to get back on the road, then suddenly I almost crash my cart into an 80 year old lady. WHAT IS THIS?????

You guys get Cherry RC? I thought they stopped making this stuff years ago. They only had five 12 packs so I bought them all. That should last me until at least March.

So that was my trip. A Sidney Crosby hat trick, hanging out with good friends, a Gonch bobblehead and Cherry RC. Now that I am a proud card carrying member of the Giant Eagle community, they better stock up on the Cherry RC come baseball season. Go Pens!

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Brad said...

I completely forgot to mention Mark Letestu. I got to see his 1st NHL goal. I probably have seen more than half of his 46 WBS goals so that was cool.