Monday, March 29, 2010

Dispelling the Steeler Myth

There has always been a special aura about the Steelers, that they do things the right way. In many cases this may be true. They don't usually overpay guys, but they do give their players every opportunity to succeed. The Rooney's treat their guys great and in many cases that is probably returned in the form of on-field performance and loyalty.

There is also a myth that has run rampant amongst Steelers fans, and the media in particular though. This myth is that the Steelers only work with players of the highest quality and top notch character. I think it's about time this myth gets laid to rest.

Ben Roethlisberger's travails have been well documented by now so they basically go without saying. The guy is immature, and from most accounts just a flat out jackass when it comes to decision making and how he treats people.

Santonio Holmes had big questions about his character and maturity coming out of Ohio St. and these questions, at least in my mind, still need answered. He has been caught with illegal drugs in his possession, and now is accused of assaulting a woman at a night club with a glass full of liquor.

Jeff Reed is another one who seems to like his alcohol a bit too much. In addition to being the first tough guy I know of to take on and beat up a paper towel dispenser at Sheetz, he has been charged with resisting arrest, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and assault. Maybe he should have a few shots before taking the field so he can find the beer muscles to get in front of the guy with the ball during returns.

Then there is James Harrison who was accused of slapping around his girlfriend.

These are all core, key guys. The Steelers front office is about winning first, not great PR. Sure they like the image but the bigger image is the 6 Lombardi's on display. They only have a zero tolerance for guys like Cedric Wilson and Gary Russell. When it comes down to brass tacks the Steelers are about winning, and that's probably how it should be.

Can we please just stop saying how high class our team is, because they aren't.

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