Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DL Doumit

Wooo Ryan Doumit has a six game hitting streak!!!! He has gotten on base in his last 10 games! Okay there is really no need for any excitement when it comes to Ryan Doumit. He is lost at this point.

His tag last night was almost as pathetic as his pouting and outrage when the runner was called safe. His power appears to be gone, maybe all those injuries catching up to him? He is hitting a stunning one homer in every 53 AB. His gutless play is absolutely killing this team. Can you believe he doesn't even block the plate anymore? What is the point of him if he can't play defense, can't throw out baserunners, and isn't hitting for any power?

He would be doing us a favor by going on the DL at this point. I'm thinking that's why he didn't make the tag though, didn't want to break a nail. Can you believe this guy has been in the league for 12 seasons and has only played 924 games? There is really no way you can rely on someone who is injured that much. I don't think he can even catch up from the missed time.

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Brad said...

Call up Erik Kratz. Not only does he block the plate, he can save games too.