Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Greed and Lies in small town PA

This is the first post in possibly many on this subject.

I heard the Pirates played a pretty good game yesterday. There isn't much outside of my family that fills me with more joy than Opening Day, and from what I hear it was a great one.

I don't pay extra money to subscribe to FSN Pittsburgh you ask?

Well yes, yes I do. The reason I have only HEARD about this game is because I happen to be one of the unlucky schmucks who had enough of Directv's customer service calls, and wanted to help a local business. They tell you when you call about their personal approach and how great it is getting local service.

A very rosy picture to be sure. Afterall who doesn't want to strengthen their local economy?

Anyway back to the point. I arrived home from work with my eyes glistening, I searched for the remote (KIDS!) and when I finally found this boxy, fragile, piece of crap and turned to the game I was stunned to see an Auto Auction. My thoughts raced and rage began to build. I called my Cable Company, SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLEVISION, to see what was wrong, there must have been some mistake.

A woman, I believe her name was Stacy answered, when I explained my problem she gave me what at the time I thought was a very fishy response. She told me FSN Pittsburgh was trying to protect their local territory. I responded that it is their channel, how does blacking the game out help them when I've gotten every single Pirates game over the course of the last year? Her response? It has nothing to do with SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLEVISION.

Well eventually I hung up trying to believe this liar. Then I went to FSN's website and found the truth. My Cable company is too cheap to pay for the games. While they charge me extra for the channel they won't pay more for extra games.

I don't appreciate taking my money and not giving me the full product in return. Most of all I do not appreciate this rosy part of the community facade the losers at Service Electric like to put on. At least other Cable Companies released statements telling why they won't be showing the games. SECV just lies to you on the phone and blames everyone but themselves for their cheapskate ways.

Here is the first email I wrote to them regarding this situation.

I pay extra to receive these games. I switched from Directv for a multitude of reasons, one of which was the fact that dealing with Directv was a hefty task and I thought I would be getting something better from a "local" provider. Even though I am paying more than I ever did with Directv I have been perfectly content with your service. Now I can't even watch what other providers are carrying? I missed one of the biggest games of the year because of this and if it isn't rectified very soon, and I miss another game because of it, I will be canceling my service and switching back to directv.

SECV must be communist to not show something as American as Opening Day!


Dan said...

They were running an ad on the radio broadcast about this but I didn't recognize any of the cable company names or where they're located, but I do now! Hope the problem gets fixed for you. And I can't believe you switched from DirecTV unless you still get MLB Network...that channel is awesome.

Rich said...

I do still receive MLB Network. That and Versus were two of the requirements I gave myself before switching.