Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey Joe....

One thing I've noticed as a pretty active Pirates fan on the Internet. There are two sides. One side is ardent that the FO is doing what needs to be done, the other is basically against anything that is seen as being pushed from the top, including the front office. If I was to throw myself in one of those camps I would unequivocally say that I am a pro-FO guy.

I think the overall strategy is the right one in a general sense, and I think Pirates fans tend to overrate the best player one our shitty team. I truly believe that a team is never as bad as they are during their worst time, and really never as good as they are during their best. I also believe boycotting the ballpark will never do what fans want. Starving the team of money is not going to make them spend money.

On the other side though I think the Front Office (for this exercise we will include ownership) did clear out guys because they were left over from the previous regime. I think they rely very heavily on a cookie cutter approach when acquiring talent, and I think they are too slow to admit mistakes. I also think Joe Kerrigan is one of the most overrated coaches around.

Pro FO guys have raved over the "success" of Joe Kerrigan since he came on board. Last season the Pirates pitching staff was the surprise of the team for sure. The return of Zach Duke, and the coming out party for Ross Ohlendorf was the only bright spot we had besides the call up of Cutch'. Daniel McCutchen and Charlie Morton had pretty solid seasons for the Pirates and it looked like some of the dealing we did was going to pay off.

Now guys are nibbling, strike throwers are not doing so, and Ohlendorf is hurt. The bullpen is an absolute wreck and the only pitcher on the staff worth his salt has been Zach Duke. Besides the first half of last season there is really nothing positive to be said for his staff except for the success of Ohlendorf. Did Charlie Morton really lose his stuff? Did Daniel McCutchen forget how to throw strikes? Did the massive amount of innings play a role in Ross' early injury this season? Maholm was hurt last year, but he doesn't exactly look great this season thus far. Did we overrate these guys too, or are they being mishandled by the coaching staff. I wish I knew, but there has to be more to it than just a lack of talent.

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