Monday, April 12, 2010

Tone' it Down!

Is anyone "really" surprised by the trade of Santonio Holmes this morning? I don't think there was really much chance he was going to come back after this season anyway. What seems to be the biggest source of outrage is the return. A 5th round pick seems low for a Superbowl MVP in his mid-20's. Is it though? Holmes is looking at a quarter season suspension, that probably scares a lot of teams off, not to mention this is his UFA year. Throw in the fact that one more substance abuse violation will land him a full year suspension he could easily turn into Ricky Williams.

Teams just don't give away draft picks, especially on guys that are going to be suspended. I think the best comparison is the Randy Moss trade. Moss admitted to smoking pot, and was a malcontent on the field, he was traded for a fourth round pick. He also wasn't looking at a suspension that would take up 25% of his season.

Part of this can also be blamed on Ben Roethlisberger's situation. I think without the recent coverage of his idiocy Holmes is still a Steeler. The straw that probably broke the camels back was Holmes' own Twitter. He has told a Steelers fan to "kill urself", has boasted about "laughing to the bank", and has stated it was time for a "wake and bake".

Personally I trust the Rooney's, they have given us more success than any other fan base. It's time to stick with them and back them up on this. Not blast them to take the side of an immature, womanizing, stoner.

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Cotter said...

Everybody wants to use this Randy Moss trade as a comparison.

The difference is Moss was traded for the 110th overall pick (a 4th round pick, but an early 4th). He was 30 years old, and hadn't shown in a couple of years that he was willing to be the Randy Moss we all know and fear.

Santonio, on the other hand, was traded for the 155th overall pick (a late 5th round pick). He is 26 years old, coming off the best season of his career. Yes, he has some substance abuse problems and is a risk no matter how you slice it. But the trade still seems unequal. And yes, the Jets are only getting 12 games with Santonio. But if you do the math, Santonio's numbers for 3/4 of last season (47 recs, 753 yds., 3.5 TDs) are just about the same as those of the Jets best receiver through all 16 games (Cotchery - 57 recs, 821, 3 TDs).