Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I would consider trading Ben

Let me preface this post by saying I'm not some Holy Roller, or some outraged fan riding my moral High Horse.

Ben Roethlisberger has been great for the Steelers, this really goes without saying. He has also played all 16 games one time in his 6 year career. His injury history is well known and no one knows what long term effects his motorcycle accident will have. It's a good bet he will not be playing 16 games this season as a suspension seems to be coming.

All that said he is literally an injury or two away from substantially effecting his career. Couple that with his legal troubles and there are no guarantees he doesn't miss chunks of time over the next few years, or declines rapidly in a physical sense.

If you can get two first round and a second round pick for the guy you can literally fill every hole this team has with elite talents. A top ten pick this season will probably still be a top 10 pick next season, even with Ben because first off he would miss at least a few games, secondly he would be going to a dumpy team to begin with. A top ten pick allows you to trade back a bit and possibly get another second rounder this season. That could give you two firsts, three seconds, and really you could probably move up in the third as well using some of your later picks.

Kevin Colbert has shown a complete inability to draft good players on day 2 of the draft, so maybe a top heavy draft, in a non-capped year would be good for this team. That would also give the Steelers two first round picks in a year that their very well could be a rookie salary cap, getting two elite talents for a very low cost.

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