Sunday, May 2, 2010

Duke of Hurl

This post was supposed to be about Jeff Clement, after last nights performance though I feel like I have to call someone else out. Zach Duke.

I don't know in what league Duke is playing in, but last night he showed he has little heart. He is not some kind of leader on this team. Zach Duke looks out for Zach Duke. He is whiner, he is a baby, and he has all but assured everyone he will not be back once his contract runs out. The fact that he just let guys be hit without retaliation, and then allowed someone to throw at the best player on this team, the face of the franchise is disgusting. He had the perfect opportunity to take it to the reliever who threw at Cutch's head, instead he did nothing.

That doesn't even include the scoffs he gives from the dugout if a reliever has the audacity to blow a win for him, or the look of disgust at any fielding error. Since he apparently can't finish a game anymore I guess it's only fitting that it took Jack Taschner to do what he couldn't do and throw at Andre Ethier.

Lets not forget about Zach Duke's performance this season either, he isn't exactly lighting the world on fire, and looks more like the pitcher from the second half of last season than the guy who put on the All Star team by Charlie Manual. His WHIP is disgusting, and he is walking too many guys. Couple his lackluster start with an unwillingness to stick up for his teammates, and I won't be too sad to see him go.

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing worse than a wuss pitcher that will not stick up for his team mates. Some Dodger needed to eat dirt, and the Duker was not man enough to make it happen. Russell and Dave Kerwin are equally to blame for not making Duke throw the equalizer.

Shades of Krissy Benson.