Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jeffy boy the pipes, the pipes are calling

Good news! The Pirates called up 1B Steve Pearce today! In the logical world this would mean he is probably going to platoon with the struggling Jeff Clement. In Pirate land he was just brought up to be another bat off the bench. Seriously how can you ignore his AAA line of .349/.452/.605 with 16 XBH (2 homers) in 86 AB?

What? By looking at last years MLB numbers? Well..Um sure last season was his worst MLB season, but still his line of .206/.296/.370 with 4 homers is much better than Clements this season.

Jeff Clement has destroyed AAA pitching. Steve Pearce has hit AAA pitching well too. Clement has three season with an OPS of .850 or more at AA, Pearce has three with an OPS of .850 or more as well.

What we have is basically the same player, from opposite sides of the plate. Their AAA stats are unbelievably similar. In 359 games at AAA Clement is .279/.368/.492 with 59 homers (1 every 6.08 games), the majority of which was played at Catcher. In 237 games at AAA Pearce is .281/.354/.482 with 33 homers (1 every 7.18 games), most of which was at 1B.

Pirates fans are clamoring for Pearce because of a very small sample at AAA this season, a level he has shown success at for years. If there was ever a situation that literally screamed for a platoon it is this one. Just remember people wanted Pearce run out of town after his abysmal season last year.

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