Friday, June 25, 2010

And Maybe Our D-Man too?

Yes, Ray Shero must fancy the idea of stealing people's thunder. Just after the festivities of the first round concluded Friday night, he struck a deal with the Philadelphia Flyers (yes, THE FLYERS) that brings the RIGHTS to defenseman Dan Hamhuis under the Pens control. In return, he gave the Flyers a third round pick for next year. I am not going to start a detailed report on Hamhuis right now, because it is important to note that he is NOT a Penguin right now. The Penguins simply acquired the rights to sign him before all free agents unlock on July 1. The rights to Hamhuis are starting to seem like the holy grail of the offseason, as they have now changed hands twice in the last week. The Flyers quickly realized they had no chance of affording Hamhuis, as he asked for more than they could give in their current salary cap. I fear the same may happen in Pittsburgh, as Hamhuis was extremely adamant with Philadelphia that he would not take a pay cut. But, all that aside, lets just assume the deal does get done. It would mean that the Pens may have fixed a major problem back on their blue line. It would also mean the final goodbye to Sergei Gonchar and likely at least one of the duo of Mark Eaton and Jordan Leopold. This is something we will have to follow over the next few days.

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