Sunday, June 13, 2010

Call Him Up Already!

He is hitting .308. His OPS is .976 and he plays pretty good defense. The guy blocking him right now is hitting .172 with an OPS of .505. Why in god's name is Erik Kratz still at AAA when Jason Jaramillo has been an utter failure? Sure Kratz is pretty old, and his upside is limited, but guys like Jaramillo are a dime a dozen. If we are serious about making Doumit play first base how about a real bat in the lineup?

Even if Kratz is nothing, he won't be worse than Jaramillo. This team desperately needs offense, as long as Jaramillo is in the lineup he is going to hurt us offensively.


EMU SID James said...

It's time for Kratz to get his chance! He has shown what he can do when he finally gets some conistent playing time. Kratz is still the record holder in D-III for career doubles (75) and all his fans from his days at Eastern Mennonite University have been waiting. Make the call!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious. sure, jaramillo is in a funk right now but he's hit his whole career. you can't possibly equate a current slump with calling up a minor league lifer. jaramillo is still young and holds down the pitcher staff better than most catchers in the entire league. he throws out runners and from what i see and hear the staff wants him in there. so get off the kratz wagon already. its getting old and yup, tired. you can't waste a 40-man spot just because a guy is hittign decent. the backup cather's role is just that --- handle the staff and if they hit, great. appears you're from EMU, huh? EMU?

Rich said...

I can assure you I did not go to EMU, but Jaramillo has always hit? He had a .673 OPS last season in the majors, and has only had a higher OPS than Kratz's career OPS one season. Kratz has bested Jaramillo's career high OPS 4 times, including the past three years in a row. Jaramillo's career MiLB FP% is .981, Kratz's is .992. Jaramillo even has a lower RF/G than Kratz.

Jaramillo is a scrub, Kratz in all likelihood is probably a scrub too, but to not give a guy with a .976 OPS at AAA a shot on an offensively starved team for a guy that has NEVER hit that is stupid.

Brad said...

Yeah you Kratz fanboy. Haha