Thursday, June 17, 2010

FSN Pitt Doesn't Know How Right They Are

So for weeks now in addition to threatening my sanity with his lackluster pitching, Zach Duke has been personally threatening me with what I can only assume is bodily harm in his Pirates promos.

First off whoever thought of this commercial is a genius.

"Here's a foul tip........"

Lets just take that part

Foul, some synonyms for this word are wretched, horrid, obscene, and detestable. Personally I like wretched.

Tip is usually seen, at least in this sense as a hint or suggestion.

What that basically reads is "Here's a horrid suggestion". What is this horrid suggestion you may ask? To "catch the Bucs on FSN". I don't know if he knows how right he is. Add one more home run to the 1.3 he is giving up per 9 innings.

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