Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The future is now

Well we saw the Nationals future last night, tonight (hopefully) they get some of ours. Both Brad Lincoln and Jose Tabata are in the lineup tonight.

After the Pirates put him in a pretty dire situation in the first place, Jeff Clement was sent down. I can't really complain though as he was given a chance. Still gotta like the raw power he shows though. He will get another chance at some point. Just hope he's ready to grab hold of it this time.

The other casualty was Jack Taschner, who basically blows. He is no big loss and was DFA'd to make room. Really I don't care if we get him back, he is easily replaceable.

One other nice little tidbit, Dana Eveland has reportedly been moved to the bullpen now. That's great news! That means we traded a possible closer candidate for a LOOGY or at best a long reliever.

I kind of think they are using the other two to help game Pedro's arbitration clock. Call those two up a week or so earlier so they also will be in front of Pedro in the Super Two line.

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