Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pirates stun the world, trade for Eveland

Well it looks like Brad Lincoln just got all the confirmation he needed on his status for this year.

The Pirates went out and got themselves a new fifth starter, that man is Dana Eveland. Dana Eveland has been in the majors for parts of six seasons. Once he joins the Pirates he will be on his fifth team. He is a bit shorter than what the Buccos usually go after but he isn't small (6"1, 235). His fastball is pretty average, but his curveball can be absolutely devastating. He was absolutely dominating in the minors, but just never figured it out in the majors.

His best season, by far, was 2008 with the Oakland A's where he posted a 9-9 record with a 4.34 ERA in 29 starts, sadly that was the only season he had an ERA under 5. Over 50% GB so he does a decent job keeping the ball down. His problem seems to be a ton of hits, and a terrible SO/BB of 1.30.

He does have four pitches, and if Kerrigan can work to get his control together (something akin to walking on water) he could actually be a pretty dominant pitcher, problem is the guy is 26 and if he hasn't gotten it by now you gotta think he just might never achieve all he can.

My biggest concern is what we gave up. I know Huntington thinks you can just pluck relievers out of trees, but it's expensive and Uviedo has been pretty good. I don't like giving up closer candidates with Uviedo's kind of potential for projects like Eveland with huge questions. Uviedo could have possibly been at AAA by the end of the year, and in our BP next season. We essentially gave him away here.

I can see what they are going for, but I am very weary of giving up live, young arms with large potential for guys that really have given no indication that they belong in the majors. I mean we gave up a legit top 20 guy for a pitcher who was acquired for a PTBNL.

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Brad said...

He has a 16-21 career record with a 5.66 ERA. Yeah, sounds about right.