Monday, July 12, 2010

Bixler is back and you're gonna be in trouble

The Pirates reacquired shortstop Brian Bixler from the Cleveland Indians five months after they traded him for Jesus. This is just another move by the "best management team in sports" that has everyone scratching their heads. Cleveland gets future considerations in return. First that city loses LeBron and now Bixler. Tough times for Cleveland fans.

I am and will always be a Bixler supporter. If anyone can give Pedro Alvarez a run for his money in the K department, it's Double B. No word on where Bixler is reporting to but I'm assuming it's Indianapolis.

In other news, the Pirates demoted Altoona pitcher Tim Alderson to Bradenton. Alderson was the player the Bucs got in the Freddy Sanchez deal. Let's hope he figures things out.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

This move really IS a head-scratcher. I can't figure out what they're thinking. Maybe it's just to add "organizational depth" to fill out the roster at Indianapolis. It might portend another move, but, really, does it matter? Who knows with this crew.

Great line: "First that city loses LeBron and now Bixler. Tough times for Cleveland fans."

I might add, in the wake of George Steinbrenner's death yesterday, that ESPN noted how Steinbrenner bought the Yankees ONLY after he was rebuffed in trying to buy the Indians ... and how history might have changed had he succeeded in buying the Tribe. Typical Cleveland. Losers.

At least they get to keep the owner of the Cavaliers. Yeah, that guy sure looks like a keeper.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

You have to wonder where Bixler fits. Maybe they want him available as an all-around, multi-positional utility player.

One other thing that makes this move puzzling: For weeks now, the Indianapolis Indians' Web site has listed no third baseman on the team's roster. None, nada, zero, zip. It's been weeks.

As of today, Bixler still hasn't been added to the roster. But they list two first basemen, THREE second basemen and two shortstops -- but no third baseman. Steve Pearce had been playing there till he got hurt.

Again, maybe a roster move (trade) is planned at the major league level. Andy LaRoche? Ronny Cedeno? Bobby Crosby?

For what it's worth, too, the major-league site says Zach Duke will return from the DL on Friday and start vs. the Astros.

Here's the link to Indy's roster: