Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dodgers Eyeing Maholm?

According to Dejan at the Post Gazette the Dodgers are kicking the tires on Paul Maholm (link). The Dodgers have also been looking for relievers so maybe we could send them Dotel as well. The Dodgers system isn't exactly stacked but there are a few players with value that the Pirates could use.

First off is Dee Gordon. He is their consensus Number 1 Prospect. I haven't seen him listed otherwise by anyone. The chances of the Pirates getting him are pretty slim, but it should be mentioned that he is a SS, and that is a hole the Pirates need to fill soon. The only glimmer of hope? The Owners divorce has left him strapped for cash and since the Pirates have spent next to nothing on payroll they could send some cash to cover Maholm's salary and that would sweeten the pot, maybe enough to get Gordon.

That said, I think they are probably targeting a guy like Ivan DeJesus Jr. He is blocked by Dee Gordon, and is coming off a pretty major leg injury last season. He is also nearly ML-ready, and could probably come up in June of next season. Problem with him is that he might not stick at short. Still if the Pirates think he can stick, he would be a good guy to nab, since he is basically blocked at the ML level for the foreseeable future.

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