Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Old Friend Makes it Back to the Show

Did you hear????? The Rockies have just called up our old savior Brad Eldred. With Todd Helton going on the DL the Rox have decided to give one the one time Bucco another look. Brad Eldred may best be known as the guy who led to us passing up a trade for Ryan Howard.

He is also well known for being a near clone of Goliath of 1 Samuel fame.

He is the classic low average, high strikeout slugger. Somehow in one season he managed to have an OPS of .851 while hitting 35 homers and 22 doubles. He had 100 RBI that season so it just seems like it should be at least a bit higher.

Anyway, nice to see this blast from the past getting another shot. I can't imagine he will do too much because his minor league stats have been pretty underwhelming, but good luck.

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