Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Lebron James Chose the Heat

Very rare is it that a post about the Association pops up on this site. Today is going to be one of those occasions. By now everyone has heard all about the Lebron James circus, it's clearly an ego thing.

"King" James lives for this kind of thing. Excuse me while I think out loud here for a second...... If Lebron James is the "King" what does that make Delonte West?...... Okay back now. Anyone Lebron James really thinks he is going to be the best ever. Better than Kobe, better than MJ, better than Magic, and better than Bird.

First off what they all had in common. They were all unbelievably talented. They all made their teammates better. They all had good to great players on those teams. Lastly they all won with the team that drafted them.

Lebron on the other hand does not make his teammates better. In fact he has flat out blamed them for struggles. He is leaving his hometown team, the team that drafted him, not for money (the Cavs can pay him), but for rings.

He went to Miami because it will be the easiest way for him to get one. He is following two great players to try to get his ring without actually making his teammates better. He is trying to win a ring not by taking over a team, a series, or even a game, but by following the best players out there and basically riding their coattails. He couldn't do it in Cleveland so instead of building something, a team, a legacy, whatever he is going to the team that gives him the best chance at an easy championship.

Being great isn't only rings. It's how you get them. How you answer the bell. Even who you win them with.

Lebron James is doing this for his ego, and what he thinks will be his legacy. I am a huge Dewayne Wade fan, but I could never root for a team with a guy like Lebron on it.

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