Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crash of the Titans

Well here it is, the first major hurdle of the season. Some story lines in this game, Chris Johnson's 100 yard rushing streak, Vince Young hasn't threatened to kill himself (yet), Nate Washington playing his old team, and of course Dennis Dixon getting his second start of the seasons.

First off you must read this, it's the Gospel written by FC at Steelerfury. It's the best pre-game writeup you'll see bar none. I'm thinking we will link to that every week, because it puts an analysis I could do myself to shame.

The Steelers are the solid 5 point dog in this road game, and really I would expect no less. How couldn't the Steelers, with Dennis Dixon starting be the underdogs on the road against the "mighty" Titans?

After all the Titans had an impressive win last week against the perennial powerhouse Oakland Raiders.

Chris Johnson again rushed for over 100 yards, in fact he rushed for 100 more yards than the Steelers rush defense allowed total last week. I guess Michael Turner just isn't very good.

The big reason the Steelers must lose though is history. Nevermind that the Steelers are 42-30 in the series, they haven't won at LP Field since 2001.

I just don't understand the love for this Titans team. The only thing they do really well is run the ball, and we have one of the best rushing defenses in the league, maybe in history over the last 5 years.

Vince Young is far from a proven commodity and, let's face it, he's probably a few IQ points higher than a plate of leftover Macaroni and Cheese. Our pass rush should be able to get to him, even though he is good with his feet and rattle him.

Their receivers as a group are pretty uninspiring. Nate Washington is a glorified number 3 who has hands just a step above Braylon Edwards, Justin Gage is a marginal possession receiver who averages about 22 catches per season, and Kenny Britt has been a headcase and a distraction for the Titans this year.

I see no reason why the Steelers can't or shouldn't win this game. The key is obviously the defense, and limiting the mistakes to give Dixon every chance to succeed.

Steelers win 13-10.

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