Thursday, September 16, 2010

Letting Go

Yes, the completely expected yet dreadful news was confirmed earlier this morning. Civic Arena has been voted for demolition. It is sad news to Pens fans, Pittsburgh residents, and anyone else who appreciated the history of the Igloo, but it simply had to be done. It is not an official decision, but the vote was taken and as of now the demolition is on. There are those who are still in opposition, and while I praise you for the noble idea, it is time to let go. Here are a few reasons why it simply has to be done.

Upkeep- Trying to keep this arena looking nice costs money, which may not always be available. Unless given great care, the entire structure may start to lose its beauty over time and become almost an eyesore. Lady Mellon deserves better than that.

Structure Problems- I mean, it is nearly 50 years old. Its time

Reasons to Stay- The prospect of a backup concert stage and practice rink for the Pens simply was not strong enough of a cause to sway the verdict any.

See Below
A few days here may change your mind.

Let's Go Pens.

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