Saturday, October 23, 2010

Game 9: Blues 1, Pens 0

Blues- 1
Erik Johnson (Oshie, Backes) OT-0:50
W- Halak (31-31)
Penguins- 0
L- Johnson (23-24)
This will probably be the shortest recap of the season on here. Ready...Johnson was exceptional, Halak was perfect. Both goalies held shutouts into overtime, and then Erik Johnson capitalized on a turnover to score. The rest of the game was just dominated by physical play, solid checking, and more spectacular goaltending. That's about it.

Game Changing Play
In the final 2 minutes of regulation, the Pens put an incredible barrage of shots on Halak and he fended them all off.


Offense- B Yea, so they didn't score but they still looked decent hence the decent grade.
Defense- A- Looked great up until the overtime.
Johnson- A He should have had a shutout too.
Powerplay- C They had their chances, but couldn't convert.
Penalty Kill- A- Well they killed them all off, so I guess that is deserving of a good mark.

3 Big Points

-Ok, so Johnson played and he played great but one still wonders why Fleury didn't get the start...

-Overtime losses aren't all that bad vs Western teams. I'll take that point.

-Sid and Geno were together a lot. I wonder if this trend will continue once Staal and Asham return.

My 3 Stars (note that although they do conincide this time, these will not always be the official game's 3 stars, but rather my own)

1. Jaroslav Halak
2. Brent Johnson
3. Erik Johnson

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