Saturday, October 30, 2010

Penguins Gameday #12 (Hurricanes)

Penguins (5-5-1, 11 pts)

Hurricanes (5-4-0, 1o pts)

Where: RBC Center

When: 7:00 ET


The Pens really need to bounce back from yesterday's disaster and get themselves back over the .500 mark. They have to get that 0-21 powerplay working, and they also need to find lines that work and stick with them. They can do all this tonght in Carolina.

Opponents to Watch:

Jussi Jokinen- tricky little forward who can score goals rather frequently. Marking him should be a priority.

Eric Staal- he's a Staal

Carolina D-men- I'm referring to them as a whole because I think that the Pens should be able to tear right through these guys if they keep the pressure on.


-No clue about Geno. Maybe we'll know something later.

-Jordan Staal may return tonight, but I think he will probably wait.

3:00 pm- Not looking like Staal will play

3:15 pm- Malkin listed as questionable, but the feeling is that he will play.

3:30 pm- Johnson in the net.

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