Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jorge De La Rosa Signs With Rockies

Well it was fun while it lasted. Multiple outlets are reporting that the Colorado Rockies have signed Jorge De La Rosa to a three year deal worth between $32 and $33 million dollars.

De La Rosa was, supposedly, the Pirates top target in Free Agency. He was probably the second most sought after SP on the market after Cliff Lee. No real word on if the Pirates offered him a deal.

To me it seems like he signed a fair deal with the Rockies, and maybe left a bit of money on the table. His contract with the Rockies goes a long way in proving that the Pirates will have to overspend for Free Agents. No way would the Pirates get him for that friendly of a deal. It would possibly take another year on the contract and $1 or $2 million more a year. Jorge De La Rosa is not worth that kind of money, so in a way I'm glad it didn't work out.

That said at some point in time these reclamation projects (that's what we're about to see) must stop. The Pirates either need to sign a few legitimate players, or trade for them because going into this season with last year's roster will not get it done. It will be another in a long line of punts, and even die hard fans and Front Office supporters can only take so much of this. We have our core, now it's time to fill this roster out.

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