Friday, November 5, 2010

Save Empty Netters!

For those of you who don't know what Empty Netters is (who the hell are you?) it is the Penguins blog written by Seth Rorabaugh for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Here is the link to his page so you can check it out if you've somehow managed to find this blog but not his (seriously who the hell are you?).

As far as Penguins blogs go, this is probably the top one or two in on the net. Now it sounds like the PPG is going to be getting rid of this. It's probably another money moved aimed at saving their sinking ship, but in reality it's the only reason I care to visit the site any more. The Post Gazette is the home of flat out clowns like Bob Smizik and Gene Collier. Two guys that regurgitate useless information and pass it off as news. Smizik's role has been relegated to anti-FO rantings, which resemble that of a lunatic off his medication, while Collier is basically the staff fluff-piece writer.

The PG+ site is a joke, and the only reason I have ever had to pay for this re-packed shit was for Dejan Kovacevic's Pirates coverage, which also has rapidly deteriorated into nothing more than pandering to his core group of blog comment posters.

The Post Gazette's problem isn't Empty Netters, far from it. Their problem is the fact that they can't adapt. Their response to the information age is a non-functional (in many cases) pay site. Their business is antiquated, and they are now scrambling to save it. The problem is that, like their industry, their talent is old and stale. Just like their medium.

Really it is not a major surprise to me that they wouldn't see the value of Seth's blog, after all they run a newspaper. Like most Newspaper's their business is failing, and they can't see that great blogs like Empty Netters are the way they SHOULD go.

Is it really surprising that a group that gives Bob Smizik a blog doesn't know what quality is?

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