Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deryk Engelland KO Taylor Pyatt

Here's the video for anyone who missed it last night.

Wow, Engo sure is building quite the reputation across the league. Pyatt isn't known as a fighter, so nobody knows why the hell he even thought about dropping the gloves with Engelland but I'm sure he'll think twice about doing it again.

He left the game, but should be fine (upper body injury) AKA probably just a headache.

It's just a shame we weren't treated to a Engelland-BizNasty rematch, but even Paul probably cringed at that outcome. No harm intended from Engelland. He obviously backed off once he realized that he clocked the guy.

Of course Phoenix fans are more than happy to blame Matt Cooke (who isn't). Instigator fines could have easily been slapped on the entire Yotes lineup for the way they handled themselves at the end (with Doan and Yandle claiming to be on a quest to avenge themselves with Cookie). Truth be told, if Yandle never ducked then nothing more would have been made out of the hit.

Whatever, we won both games. See you next year jokes.

Panthers tomorrow, Caps Thursday. Lets Go Pens

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