Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Game 33: Rangers 4, Pens 1

Meltdown City

Rangers- 4
-Erik Christensen (Gaborik) 3-10:10
-Alex Frolov (Boyle, Girardi) 3-10:25
-Artem Anisimov (Rozsival, Del Zotto) 3-14:55
-Brian Boyle (Frolov, Staal)
W- Lundqvist (27-28)

Penguins- 1
-Evgeni Malkin (Crosby, Orpik) 1-19:47
L- Johnson (18-22)

I have a feeling that next week's episode of 24/7 is going to have a bit of a different feel to it. One can only wonder what the reaction of the usually mild-mannered coach will be after watching his team give up 4 3rd period goals in a span of just over 6 minutes to turn a 1-0 lead into a blowout loss. Ok so let's look at the positive first.

The Pens pretty much dominated the entire 1st period, but especially the end. The last 4 minutes of the 1st featured some of the best hockey the Pens played all season courtesy of the buzz line and then the 2nd liners. Henry stood on his head for pretty much the entire time, but Geno finally juked one by him after a rediculous pass from Sid (point streak up to 20). Standing ovation after 1.

The second period was literally a whole lot of nothing. No goals, one powerplay each, and only 13 combined shots. Meh.

Third period was the disaster. The first 10 minutes progressively got more and more dangerous for the Pens as the Rangers got closer and closer to scoring, and then the entire thing just imploded in a matter of minutes. 2 goals in 15 seconds from Christensen and Frolov completely changed the dynamics of the game, and suddenly the Pens found themselves trailing just like that.

Small spark of hope when the Pens tied it up only to see the goal waved off by a bogus interference call. Sure Dupuis ran into Lundqvist but that's what happens when you shove a guy into your own goalie. Would that have made a difference in the long run? Personally I think so but you can never be sure. Rags would score a few more goals that just looked way too easy and then head out with the win.

Was this one a disaster? Yes. Was this entire week a disaster? Yes. But the Pens have a good 4 days to rest up, make some adjustments, and get ready for the last full week of 2010.

Game Changing Play:
Have to say the goal that was called back. Blatently terrible call that not only shifted the score but the momentum of the game.


Offense: C 1 (well actually 2) isn't good enough to win consistently at this level. Great 1st period, nothing afterwards.

Defense: B- Only reason they are in B range is because they were so awesome in the 1st and 2nd periods.

Johnson: C One or 2 of those goals were a bit soft.

Powerplay: C+ 0-3. Just wasn't happening tonight.

Penalty Kill: B Killed 2 for 3. Mehhh.

3 Big Points:

-Lovejoy wasn't on his game at all. Obviously everyone saw it with NYR's 2nd goal, but he had a hard time all game. Really looked like a rookie.

-Sid and Geno together all night. Wonder what's up with that?

-Go watch a rerun of 24/7. You'll feel quite a bit better after watching this game. But as I said, it's certainly no time for panic now.

My 3 Stars:

1. Henrik Lundqvist
2. Erik Chirsstensen
3. Brian Boyle

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