Monday, December 6, 2010

Pirates Sign Scott Olsen

Well you thought Jayson Werth's deal was huge, prepare to have your mind blown.

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed former Washington National Scott Olsen to a 1 year deal. Not content to be a complete idiot, and one of the bigger pricks in baseball, he comes complete with the added benefit of being a terrible pitcher.

A career 4.85 ERA is not all you get with Olsen, you also get a pathetic 1.81 SO/BB, 3.6 BB/, and 9.7 H/9. Add in 1.3 HR/9 and you got yourself quite a "pitcher".

Olsen hasn't had an ERA under 5.50 since 2008. In fact 3 out of his last four seasons his ERA was over 5.50, including a 6.03 in 2009.

He had Labrum surgery in 2009 and missed most of 2010 with soreness. Just what the doctor ordered for our ailing rotation. A bad pitcher with an injury history, who just so happens to be a complete and utter asshole.

He will reportedly have a base salary of $1 million dollars. This follows in a long line of players the Pirates are reportedly only having for one year. This gives me a bad feeling that Huntington is hunkering down and trying to save his job with rentals.

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